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“…Nina’s freshness of thought bypasses all pretense. The ability to maintain innocence in a piece that places you in the same physical space as two bombs constructed out of vaginal douches (DOUCHEotov cocktails, the sculptural element of the work) is a special talent, to say the least.”

Lauren Hisada, +Billion- Journal, 2012




**Nina Amazing is taking herself a little break.  See you in 2015.**


Jim Ricks Projects, Sluice Art Fair, London, England

What’s on your mind?  The Sarah Pierce Gallery,  Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Upcoming : Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, Ireland       Cancelled due to the IMF bailout!


Under the Counter Poster Manifestations, Niland House, Galway, Ireland

Apposite Extravaganza, Volvo Ocean Race, Galway, Ireland

UTPC, Public Installation, Galway, Ireland


Death and Sensuality, Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA.

Free Art Booth, (e)merge Art Festival, Washington D.C, USA.

The secret is in the banana cream cheese icing, Eight, Galway, Ireland. (Solo show curated by Jim Ricks).

Out of a box, 126, Galway, Ireland.


Free Art Stand, O Cinema, Miami, USA.

Free Art Stand, SEVEN Art Fair (Winkleman Gallery, NY), Miami, USA.

Put a lid on it, Galway Arts Centre, Galway, Ireland.

One hour anti-proposal, The Model, Sligo, Ireland.

Video killed the radio star, The Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland.



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Related Works

Album cover, Grim Jockz, “Kim Jong Illin‘”


126, Galway, Ireland, member

MART, Ireland and UK, member

Peacock, USA, member


People are OBVIOUSLY talking about me


San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 10-13, 2011

N_Amazing Galway Advertiser clip

+BILLION- Journal #30, Jan. 27, 2012 PDF —->  billion-301review

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