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Artist Statement/BiHOE

Nina Amazing creates digital collage narratives where Spandex-clad fictional characters face off with ‘derailed’ popular icons in a decadent, disturbing and fantastic world of her making. Her unwieldy titles combine with low-res imagery to provide an ironic twist that nods, albeit in highly pixelated colour, to punk zines and their Dadaist precursors. Amazing negotiates the historio-spatial sphere of bourgeois ‘high art’ equipped only with PC Paint and a refreshingly puerile wit. With no formal visual arts training, Amazing creates dark and humourous commentaries on popular culture, gender politics and the hidden layer of violence that pervades contemporary society.

Nina Amazing’s work has been exhibited internationally and throughout Ireland. Internationally, Amazing has shown in the London, England at the Sluice Art Fair,  San Francisco, USA at the Mina Dresden Gallery, as part of the Free Art Booth at the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington DC and with the Free Art Stand with Winkleman Gallery (NY) at SEVEN Art Fair in Miami.  In Ireland she has shown at the Royal Hibernian Academy and The Sarah Pierce Gallery in Dublin, The Model in Sligo and  at the Galway Art Centre, 126 and Eight, in Galway.


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