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A.R.E. Headquaters

November 27, 2013


Back at the A.R.E. headquarters, Wayne was busy organizing the family and public recruitment day. Splashing out onto the footpath, the A.R.E members joined in rounds of darts, Buckfast and the tantalizing appetizers of spray cheese and celery served by Wayne’s wife Lucinda.
Wayne was rather pleased in having converted one salvaged soul to the A.R.E. clan, assisted in part by the free merch, guns and Buckfast.  “Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.  People need to realize the atrocities caused by are0!las and sometimes they just need a bottle of Buckfast to be convinced.”  The new convert Billy was immediately on the lookout and quickly spotted EVIL exiting the shower in the apartment above.  Wayne’s daughter, Queen Sheeba, just couldn’t help but drift out and dream of a world free of the evil A.
In for a business deal, Phillipee from the Crab Nebulaonian army landed and was making his way to chat with Wayne.  “Me and Wayne, we share similar views and need to talk business.  A partnership between the A.R.E. and EvilLand could be very fruitful.  Yes, fruitful indeed.”
TYRAdactyl sores above, taking in and seeing all.


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