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Special KKK

November 12, 2013

special KKK factory

At the Special KKK factory, the line was busy pumping out DELICIOUS Special KKK cereal treats –  all containing no more than 9 calories per serving! The secret, you ask? A nutritious combination of saw dust, glue, and red dye no. 9.

Factory forewoman, Kasandra Kiss Kiss, was busy overseeing both production and training of the Special KKK Red Dress Brigade. The importance of maintaining a curvy slim waist was paramount at the Special KKK factory and the Red Dress Brigade was working on their daily 100 km high heeled walk for intense calorie burning. Kasandra Kiss Kiss tracked the army’s progress during their 1 million step challenge via her trusty SPECIAL KKK pedometer- free in every box of Special KKK. And afterward, Kasandra finished the training session with a rewarding waist measurement for self esteem building.

The Red Dress Brigade was riled and ready to give their all and fight for the important cause of low calorie gender specific foods! Blink blink 🙂

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