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Hi, I’m Wayne

June 30, 2012

After hangin’ out at the Clinic and getting their Buckfast fix, Randy and Rodrigo decided to go for a stroll down the road.

Randy: “WTF, these posters are EVERYWHERE!”

Randy looked up from array of posters littered on the ground, to see some nut job with a red bow tie.

“Hi I’m Wayne”, said the red bow tied bastard. “Can I have a minute of your time to speak to you about the atrocitites caused by areolas? Did you know that they are evil? That they are eyes into the soul of the devil? We must fight them. Join us.”Randy: “What’s in it for me, Wayne?”Wayne: “A six pack of Buckfast and guns.”

Randy: “Sweet, I’m in! Just one thing, Rodrigo and I don’t wear shirts….so what about our areolas? Are they evil too?”

Wayne: “No, no….male HAIRYolas are fine. It’s just the woman folk that posses the evil, eye-shaped areolas. Devil eyes they are. Now, go talk to Lucinda at the booth, she’ll sign you up and sort you out.”



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