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March 13, 2012

Long after going AWOL for the Buckfast bottle, Randy eventually found solace in his old Buckfast Clinic stomping grounds. After throwin’ back a few he was finally able to relax and forget all about the Agent Orange Division and flying DOUCHEotovs. While chillin’ on the footpath, he came across Tony Not-So-Little (TNSL), Francis and their baby Frony. And boy, was Rodrigo ever in love with the baby! Stare much?!

TNSL went ON and ON about Frony. About the delivery, how much he weighed, the colour of his poop….BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…Seriously, Randy couldn’t give a shit! To add to this annoyance, Francis strolled up littered with purchases from the Christmas Shop.

Francis: “OMG you guys, you better get in there! There’s a GREAT sale on Christmas ornaments on right now. Christmas is only 286 days away, you know!?!!”

Randy felt the onset of another RANDY-page…and thought to himself: “These dickweeds are lucky they have a child or I’d crack this bottle over both of their heads”.
Instead, he settled for saying aloud “Your baby smells and my bottle is dry. Adios amigos!” And he turned to go back into the clinic. Oh shit look, Ms. Nadia Narcolepto has fallen asleep in front of the door, AGAIN!!

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