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DOUCHEotov Incoming!!!

February 14, 2011

And thus…the battle commences. Phillipee signals the Agent Orange Division to exit the Crab Nebulonian spacecraft with the ritualistic Nebulonian song and dance.  Phillipee was NEARLY BLOWN AWAY by the sudden guest appearance of his bongo and maraca idol, Gloria Estefan!  Trying to keep his cool, he intermittently glanced over hoping that Gloria would be impressed with his signature “hit the bongo with the maraca” move. However, Gloria found this AND the STUPID cowbell completely annoying!  “Who is playing that?!”, she thought.   Oh wait a minute…it’s Tootie.  Always trying a little TOO hard to fit in, Tootie thought she would finally make friends by striking her cowbell with force.  Guess what Tootie??  WRONG!!

Carefully climbing sideways down the spacecraft ladder, The Agent Orange Division slowly makes their way onto the battlefield equipped the GRENeggs,  DOUCHEotov cocktails and GRENegg/DOUCHE launchers that were assembled on their high tech factory assembly lines.  However, sHEna (from team NOTevilLAND) was very successful at intercepting the Crab Nebulonian landing as sHE focused on blasting them with streaming amounts of creatine and whey powder dust (via her trusty snow blower) to be followed shortly by LOL cake dust.  “This will put them all in stitches”, she thought.  Meanwhile, with the help of the oompa loompas and uni-legged-roller-Roxy , members of the Fluffy Brigade were being shot into the air with the CATapults and were hugely successful at intercepting the GRENeggs midair!  Jeanie-loo-loo, on the other hand, was exquisitely adept at catching the flying DOUCHotovs single handed! TYRAdacyl ,always the astute student in trigonometry, skilfully deflected her double rainbow eye lasers off of Stevie Guttiebergio’s suit, hitting FIL-LOPPee in the back! Score!!

Up on the hill, Sally Sue and Debbie All-Day were not only staying limber but were also accurately deflecting the GRENeggs off of their tight gluteus maximi and onto the collection pillow and into Michelle Bring-me-homey’s solidly held back arch!!  Wow! Lucy Lawless, was happily overseeing the entire battle until she noticed Randy swilling a bottle of Buckfast behind her. “ Damn it Randy!  You know the rules!! “  Randy pretended to not hear Lucy and continued on with his drinking while Rodrigo sneakily tugged his hand when he wanted a sip.  Nadia Narcopleto was just SOOOO sleepy and decided to roll up on the grass knoll for a little snooze.  And the battle, yes, it continued….

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