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Calling 1-800-CUTE-AS-FLUFF

January 21, 2011

Lucy Lawless immediately began to devise a plan for the oncoming battle.  Knowing that EvilLAND would call upon the Agent Orange Division from the Crab Nebula, Lucy thought it wise that she contact her celestial connections in the Cat’s Eye Nebula.  Just one quick ring to 1-800-CUTE-AS-FLUFF and Lucy was instantly chatting to Sergeant Whisker Paws. “OMG Lucy?” said Sergeant Whisker Paws across the delayed connection. “When was the last time we spoke? 2008? Nooooooooo?!!!”  After 20 minutes of catching up, Lucy was able to solidify the full support of the Sergeant Whisker Paws and the Fluffy Brigade, and thus was finally able to remove the 50kg weights from off of her shoulders.  Uhmmmm….has anyone seen the Tiger balm anywhere?!?

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