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CELEBRAshield augmentation post grenEGG attack

May 4, 2010

UNFORTUNATELY, the grenEGG onslaught came NOT without serious CELEBRAshield disfigurement.  Immediately post grenEGG attack, Lucy et al.  frantically rushed the Meggy, Joany and the Shandling Sheilds to the salon for reparations.  And, PRESTO CHANGO… after only microdermabrasion, peat pulp baths, BOTOX injections, facial wraps (with herbal salves and balms), eyebrow waxing, hair styling, make over, tanning  AND personal training  (and all in the presence of lemongrass aromatherapy!)  the CELEBRAshields were as good as new!  DEAL and a half!   HOWEVERRRRRrrrrr, the story was not so fruitful for the MJ shield.  After taking a grenEGG to the nose, the MJ shield suffered a complete collapse of the nasal bridge and had to exit the battle early to be taken to the Rhinoplasty Recovery Unit.  The doctors still remain unsure about the outcome of the sugery because MJ keeps touching his nose!!  JUST LEAVE IT ALONE FOR 20 minutes WOULD YOU?!!!

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