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February 21, 2010

Phillipee and FIL-LOPPee have returned to Dangerville with their newly acquired doucheOTOV engineering skillzzzzzzzzz. With their long list of future objectives they will require the fabrication of AS MANY doucheOTOVS AS POSSIBLE! Both Phil and FIL call upon their people from the Crab Pulsa.. residing in the Crab Nebula, no less. Oh look, they’re here already!

Phillipee signals the Crab Nebulaonians (that it’s OKAY to exit) with the ritualistic Nebulanian song and dance. Brought up with playing the maracas as a child, Phillipee has only recently started playing the bongos. In particular, he thinks that beating the bongos with his maraca is his best ‘signature move’. FIL-LOPPee disagrees.

Upon hearing the beautiful sounds of the shaking maracas, the “Agent Orange” division of the Crab Nebulaonian army exists the space craft. This hand picked crew has the deepest tan in the Crab Nebula (living on a star comes with its perks = no tanner required). Phillipee and FIL-LOPPee strategically called upon the Agent Orange crew as they felt that they would assimilate well with the humans. Sadly, I think they overlooked the whole walking sideways thing.

With Phillipee at the head and FIL-LOPPee at the rear, the Agent Orange army marches off into yonder (to begin the fabrication of AS MANY doucheOTOVS AS POSSIBLE). Shortly afterward, a confused Tootie exits the spacecraft. Considered as kind of a reject by her Agent Orange peers, Tootie suffers from MJ syndrome as she does not know if she is orange, black or white. Although all of us know that it doesn’t matter what colour she is, one thing is for certain..And that is that Tootie totally needs to get another colour match done on her foundation. It’s drowing you out girl!!

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  1. February 21, 2010 4:42 pm

    You had me on the edge of my seat!

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