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Enter one Phillipee and one FIL-LOPPee

January 29, 2010

Oh no! Phillipee and FIL-LOPPee have been observing Randy’s DoucheOTOV cocktail making skills and have their OWN special plan!!! Furry little FIL-LOPPee is busy making plans…..of pure E-VIL!

Lucy Lawless and her teenage daughter Sharia have arrived to save the day!! Luckily, Lucy overhead the plannings of one Phillipee and one FIL-LOPPee and came to help Rodrigo et al. Sharia, is like, totally pissed that her mom is making her help cuz she totally had a date with Billy at the mall! At least she’ll be able to text him during this BOR-ING doucheOTOV madness. GAWD!

Lucy Lawless gathers with Randy and Rodrigo and carefully reviews the potential threatening advances of one Phillipee and one FIL-LOPPee. Meanwhile, Sharia Lawless is impatiently texting Billy when someone yells at her:
Someone: “Hey Sharia! You are wearing your Kuffiyeh the wrong way! ”
Sharia:“My WHAT?!”
Someone: “Your Kuffiyeh, it’s around your neck!”
Sharia: “Oh, you mean my SCARF?! I don’t even know what you are talking about. I bought this at Topshop DUMMY!”

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