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Kim Mitchell concert tonight!

January 16, 2010

OMG the Kim Mitchell concert is tonight in the Dub-spot and Randy and Rod are sooooo excited, they have even scored some special drinks for the event. Might as well NOT go for a soda….if you know what I mean!!! Good ‘ol Kim has even changed his lyrics especially for his new audience….”Those Paddy O’Lanterns, lighting up our livesssssssss.”

Might as well NOT go for a soda

Oh shit! Somebody at the concert called R & R a bunch of “douche bags” for not wearing any shirts!! RANDY IS MOTHER F’IN PISSED!!! Wow! He’s now armed and ready…..and is gonna introduce that jerk to a real douche bag….grenade stylzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Forget about being called a bunch of douche bags for not wearing any shirts…Mario just called Randy a douche for not waxing his chest hair!!! Now completely pissed off, Randy has launched a douche towards Mario’s head with thoughts of throwing a second in celebration of his great taste in tattoos!!!

This concert is getting out of hand!!

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