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Turkey time no stretch = R-R-R-RANDYPAGE

January 8, 2010

It’s Thanksgiving and Rodrigo and Randy have invited the whole crew over for turkey time. After a quick shopping trip, they are ready with everything they need. Randy decides to use his finely honed shaving skills on this here turkey in preparation for the big feast. Luckily, Walmart had a sweet deal on Bic razors this week. Score!!


Oooooo, the room is SOFA KING crowded! Uh-oh…Randy is a lefty. Not sure how this whole thing is going to pan out….

awww...first group portrait....*sigh*

Despite the lack o’ space…the dinner went swimmingly. Lots o Turkey time….however, also lots o NO STRETCH! No room for da stretch!!! Oh no!!….eveyone will get cramps and lactic acid build up. Well, hopefully there is at least enough room for everyone to twirl their ankles and massage their calves to avoid the onset of deep vein thrombosis. Sally Sue remembers these techniques from her transatlantic flight instructions and makes sure to put it into action.

Hours later everyone is still in the same GDR*!!! Little does the gang know, but Randy suffers from some MAD claustrophobia! Not only that, but Sean’s beard is TOTALLY itching his check, Stevie Guttiebergio’s suit heats up like crazy in the sun and is burning his shoulder AND Sally Sue keeps kicking him in the left nipple followed intermittently by Frony’s suckling!!!!

* God damn room

Oh shit!! R-R-R-Randy just went on a R-R-R-Randypage. Giving everyone, save his beloved Rodrigo, a black eye in the process!!!

Party O-VER!

Party O-VER. Sean leaves without saying Schanks!! GASP!

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  1. January 9, 2010 10:57 am

    Good luck with that turkey Randy!

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