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A lot of people say who’s that?

January 4, 2010

It’s Pat! Pat noticed the gleam of the legs, of the leg lifts…and found herself in a dream like state in the hallway as sHE watched the crew (ladies) while they filmed. Sally Sue and the gang immediately encouraged Pat to join them in a round of high kicks. But Pat said that sHE needs to “improve HEr technique” by watching first. WHAT-EVER Pat!!!!

After staring at the ladies and getting NOWHERE, Pat wanders outside to the beach for a stroll.

Like O, Like M and Like G! Pat has spotted her bro Randy on the beach but from this distance sHE can’t tell if he is walking holding hands with ANOTHER MAN?!! Damn it!!…time to go back to Hakim.

Hakim here I come!

LIKE OMG and stuff. So Pat is like totally back from Hakim (and stuff) and can now see that bro Randy IS HOLDING HANDS WITH ANOTHER MAN!!!

OMG and stuff (part II). Pat is TOTALLY obsessed with confirming whether bro Randy is having an affair with Rodrigo. So much, that sHE has gone and purchased the Whisper 2000 to listen in on their conversations from a distance!!!

Well I guess it’s official. Pat just watched HEr bro Randy shave a loving message to his new b-friend in his chest hair. Dare I say it’s a double-entendre? Dare I?

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