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Conceive, Believe and Achieve

December 31, 2009

After suffering from complete RODDY-JECTION, and now in the face of Roddy having a GUTTS time with Stevie…Francis finds himself in the hallway again. Being casual-like, being the master of his thighs…and hoping that ANYONE would notice him.

(whisper…whisper…whisper)  Francis finds it SO RUDE when people whisper in front (or behind) him!  What the heck are Roddy-Gutts talkin’ bout?  Francis decides that once he completes 2 more reps of thigh mastering, he will use the whisper 2000 to find out.

GASP!  There must be a spaghetti monster after all?!  Enter TNSL – one mighty fine peice-o-meat if you ask Francis. Tony Not-So-Little drops in on the gang while on the European leg of his promotional tour.  It’s technique!!

Don't hate me because I am beautiful

Francis finds himself enamored with Tony Not-So-Little’s muscles and he considers ditching the thigh master for the gazelle – for LIFE!

Francis: I like the way you move, TNSL.

Wasting no time, Francis and TNSL immediately get to work (if you know what I mean). One day later, TNSL and Francis announce that they have successfully conceived the first man-on-man-child. Proud papa #1 Tony Not-So-Little presents to you baby Frony. Isn’t it uncanny how much Frony looks like #2 pappy Francis?  Wow.

You can do it!!!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……..first family portrait…..**sigh**

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