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Bess meets Stevie Guttiebergyio…AND HOW!

December 31, 2009, there is TOTALLY a newbie in the gym, Bess Motta. After having just moved here from Romania and in the gym for only two days, she has already caused quite the stir….her nickname is Bess I’m-gonna-mount-ya, to give you a hint.

I'm no Nadia Comăneci but still, LOOK at this leg lift!

Bess’s leg lifts have caught the attention of one Stevie Guttiebergyio. However, Bess has yet to notice her admirer as she is blinded by the reflection from his nether regions. AREN’T WE ALL??!! TURN DOWN THE SHINE NOB STEVIE! GOSH!

Owch! The glare from Stevie Guttiebergio’s nether region was so intense that it caused a very disoriented Bess to give a high-kick to Stevie’s PRIVATES!!! Even Charlie-the-wonder-golden-retriever-surfer-doggy can feel Stevie’s pain. Bess, can you say bye-bye?

Leave it to Roddy to turn Stevie’s frown upside down.

There there Stevie, there there

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