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December 28, 2009

The crew decided to take a field trip to the Ironman competition. Being lean minded, they have an appreciation for all types of limber bodies – even the one that make you want to puke.

The lat spread competition was probably the most exciting. The crew even got to go the a lat spread party afterward.

The crew learned some very interesting pointers at the lat spread party. The best lat spread requires taking laxatives before the competition to let your clenching muscles win you 1st place.

There were several different types of appetizers served at the lat spread party.

Cigars, cigarettes….laxatives?

After the lat spread party, the crew was invited to an AFTER AFTER party at Simy’s house. Simy was a spectator at the competition and was completely inspired to get buff! He wouldn’t stop talking about it at his AFTER AFTER party.

The crew ran into Simy only 1 WEEK later and could not believe the difference! One week on creatine and whey protein supplements (plus regular visits to the gym, of course) can REALLY make a difference!

Simy one week later

Simy\’s secret no. 1

Simy\’s secret no. 2

Simy\’s secret no. 3

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